NEW VEGAN SHOE FIND: cute styles, reasonable prices

I’ve just found a new on-line vegan shoe vendor which carries both women’s and men’s shoes.  I love shoes, so I had to go there and look around, to see how chic the shoes really might be, as well as how much they might set one back.

I’m happy to say that VeganChic is definitely worth the visit.  Warning: These are not necessarily shoes for the “earth mother” in you… these are attractive, or, possibly, even sexy, nice-looking shoes at seriously reasonable prices.  You could indulge the vegan fashionista in you without putting too serious a dent in your pocketbook (oh, yeah. They have nice-looking handbags as well)

I’ve already put VeganChic on my list of purveyors of vegan shoes, to make it easier to visit.


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