I made some cashew yogurt because I had an overload of blueberries. I added a dab of honey (a teensy dab) and mixed in the blueberries. Then, something rang in the back of my head, and I remembered that I had picked up some freeze-dried (that should be raw, right? raspberries at Trader Joe’s. I grabbed the bag, opened, it, and, instinctively started squeezing the berries to crush them (I mean, I didn’t have a plan, but that is what I did, as automatically as if I *had* had a plan) Cool… the berries crushed into powder, and I just mixed them in until it looked like a consistent color. OH BOY! I am henceforth addicted to yogurt with blueberries and crushed freeze-dried raspberries. Who knows where this might lead?


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