POST #723
If you just simply don’t eat, then your body is likely to go into starvation mode and see any input as something to store.  If you do not fast carefully, you can actually gain weight.  That is what is bad about what I am doing right now, and I know it.  

At the same time, I’ve been ill (yes, despite what raw foodists tell you, you can get sick. When I broke down and mentioned what was going on to my mom, she expressed concern that I might end up with pneumonia, and wanted me to see a doctor)  I’m happy to say that I seem to be doing better (I have health insurance, but I don’t have money to pay the co-pay, so I’ve been living this on my own, with oregano oil, lavender oil, and grapefruit seed extract).   

I am taking the desire to eat something/anything as a sign that I’m getting better.   At the same time, I am noticing that my coughing has lessened to some extent.


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