HAPPY NEW YEAR! My New Year’s repast

Post #725
Happy New Year, y’all!  I wish you a great one!

Where I come from, we eat collards (or kale or spinach), black-eyed peas, and ham (or some other form of pork) for luck, prosperity, and progress, on New Year’s Day.  It’s common to call one another to wish Happy New Year, and ask, “Have you eaten your black-eyed peas yet?”

I got the collards, and I had black-eyed pea sprouts.  I prepared the collards my usual marinated greens way (I added a liberal amount of finely chopped red bell pepper and some onion, and didn’t add in the chili powder), and I added finely chopped red bell pepper and onion to the black-eyed  peas, and popped them in the dehydrator for about an hour to warm them.  Then I sprinkled some apple cider vinegar and black pepper in with the peas, and plated it all.  Yumm!  The collards seemed sweeter than usual, and the  black-eyed peas were great.  I ended up mixing it all together, because I was feeling lazy, and, mixed together, it did not see like I was eating so much.

Wherever you are from, whatever you do, I do hope you got in your good luck food, but, if you didn’t, you can eat some collards or kale real quick while there is still time.


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