MORE COOL THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEK -I don’t necessarily like smoothies

I have been grinding things up in the blender for a really long time, but…. for some reason I never had a problem before…. I just got it…. if I put things in the blender on my own, I eyeball what I am doing.

This week, I tried some “smoothie recipes and came out with some “sludge”, i.e. something quite thick, so thick, actually, that there is no delicate way to consume it other than to get a spoon. So.. I spent two days finishing a smoothie, because I kept going back and adding water, etc. to liquidify the mess.

So, if I find a new smoothie recipe from here on, I will probably halve the recipe to see how it goes and, also, to have more room in my blender if I need to add water.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, you know, you might follow a smoothie recipe and find that you don’t like the thickness, the texture, or the taste (that happened to me this time, too) but you can MITIGATE the issue by adding water, most times.

My second boo-boo was including a salad mix of tomato, cucumber, celery, and onion. Whoops! The onion kept giving an “under-taste” that I could not abide. I had never tried onion in a smoothie, and, well, it won’t happen again! I did not want to waste the smoothie, but it took me about 5 apples over several trials to bring it around to where I wanted to drink it. I say apples because I had a huge amount of apples, and, with each apple addition, it got better.

Then, I realized that I do not really like a smoothie, well, at least, not the thick sludgy things that lots of recipes recommend. I would much rather drink a lot of thin nice-tasting ground up vegetables in a bunch of water, rather than considering whether I should get out a spoon to consume what I see in the blender. Long story short: I don’t particularly care for spoon-able smoothies.


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