I am still with Imperfect Foods, but I don’t really know how long this is going to last. To date, I have twice received rotted fruit, and have had to go back to them and complain (they do refund you what you paid, but it is a hassle, and a time consumer.) I have also received products which I had not ordered (cookie mix and bread? Hello?) Each time they have refunded the cost, but, still, time and frustration is involved.

Last week, I got an order I had not ordered. That was certainly a surprise. I had to complain about that.

What’s wrong with me? I mean, I keep ordering from these people.. and I keep being disappointed in the service.

I am going to keep trying them through this year, and I am going to make a decision in the New Year (I mean, it is so darn easy to go in on the order date and write down what you want and know that you would have paid more even at Trader Joe’s — only thing is that, at Trader Joe’s, you’ll know what you asked for and got.)

I do like the convenience, and, if I buy more than $60 worth for 2 weeks, they don’t charge shipping.

Still, though, there are the hassles. I can get most of the same things at Trader Joe’s, and I get what I get, no hassles. the price will end up coming up the same. So, the only real difference is the convenience, but….. if, every time I receive a box, I have to check and complain about what was or wasn’t in the box, welll…….


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