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NEW VEGAN SHOE FIND: cute styles, reasonable prices

I’ve just found a new on-line vegan shoe vendor which carries both women’s and men’s shoes.  I love shoes, so I had to go there and look around, to see how chic the shoes really might be, as well as how much they might set one back.

I’m happy to say that VeganChic is definitely worth the visit.  Warning: These are not necessarily shoes for the “earth mother” in you… these are attractive, or, possibly, even sexy, nice-looking shoes at seriously reasonable prices.  You could indulge the vegan fashionista in you without putting too serious a dent in your pocketbook (oh, yeah. They have nice-looking handbags as well)

I’ve already put VeganChic on my list of purveyors of vegan shoes, to make it easier to visit.



I have been updating  my  blog page on vegan shoes as I become aware of new sources of vegan shoes. Please stay tuned, and check in often.

I’ve just found BareFeet Shoes tonight.  There are many fashionable vegan shoe choices available on the pages of this site.  (I have to say that some of the “vegan sites” have less than beautiful shoes, according to my personal idea of foot fashion — your fashion mileage may vary)


Okay, this is not food, but, at least as important as food (more important, if you are like me), are hot shoes and boots. Since lots of people know me, and I show up around town, I simply cannot walk into a raw meet-up wearing the skin of dead cows on my feet (never mind that it flies in the face of my ethics and my politics).

While I was on vacation, my mom and I went shopping.  Mom wanted to stop in at the Nine West store, so we did.  I saw all kinds of really cute shoes, and I fell in love with a pair of boots, which they accidentally had in my size. I tried them on. They were perfect — they actually came all the way up  to my knee cap!)  I went to turn the top down as a cuff, but noticed that there was printing there, so, I read it –SURPRISE!!! These boots had “synthetic uppers” and “manmade soles”. Why the difference in description, I wonder.  Does “synthetic” sound more expensive?  Whatever… I had my hands on a pair of fashionable vegan boots that are only distinguishable from dead cow products if you sniff them closely!  They do not look cheap, and yet they can brave a ferocious New York City rainstorm complete with heavy flooding in the streets – I can walk through water (not the same, I know, as walking *on* water, but it *is* an improvement to 10 foot detours at flooded corners)  Those of you who come from “must drive a car” places, think how a monster truck, or a hummer, can go through a flooded area with nary a sputter — this is a very very similar advantage.  Add to that the ability to wear these “rain/snow boots” at work, rather than having to carry a pair of shoes to change into at work.

Once I discovered that the boots I lusted for were boots I could wear with no qualms, I started looking at the other shoes in the store.  I was surprised at how many styles were vegan. Does Nine West have a vegan president or something?  Whatever.. there are some intense cute vegan shoes at your local Nine West store.

For more vegan shoe choices, check out my vegan shoe page