Heads up! These books are not at all new, but if you are looking for good, easy, interesting recipes, they are definitely worth seeking out.

A few years back , I got excited about Gorilla Food by Aaron Ash (copyright 2013). At the time, I was an Amazon Associate, and I did not realize that, at the time, WordPress did not look kindly on people using their free blogs to talk about products they really liked. I’m not an Amazon Associate now, so I can tell you that I still really like this book. It has easy-enough tasty recipes, and is not overly loaded with dehydrator recipes. I’d say it is a decent book for those who are getting started and are excited to try new recipes (I, personally, ignore the dehydrator recipes, and, still find enough interesting things to try out).

Not too long ago, I got a “new to me” book titled “Raw Food for Everyone” (copyright 2011), by Alissa Cohen. (I can tell you how I missed this book’s appearance in 2011 – I was not particularly impressed with the first book I read by Cohen) This book has engaged me with its number of simple recipes, and limited number of dehydrated recipes. I am intrigued by the sauce recipes. One thing I find annoying is that recipes will refer to another recipe that you have to look up in order to complete your work of art, however, I am a big girl and I can get over that — at least the recipes are where I am told to look for them. This book is, right now, my go-to book when I am looking for something new and relatively simple to make. Even if I don’t always agree with the seasoning/flavoring choices in the recipes (do you?) I know enough to reach out to my favorite seasonings and change things up.

All said, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in integrating raw vegan food into their diet, and, also to anyone who wants to try out some new and interesting recipes.


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