It’s that time again! if you go to my page

which you can click on at the top of the blog, you can find a number of reasonably simple recipes for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Since I no longer dehydrate, I will be making the Amazing Sweet Potatoes, and Judy’s Just Like Pumpkin Pie (which I will just refrigerate to firm, instead of dehydrating), and the sunflower seed dressing (without dehydrating – the taste will be there!) I might also make the Raw “Mashed Potatoes” and Mushroom Gravy. It depends on how much I want to impress my family (since I can’t go there – you know why- I may well be seeing them on some computer app – they’ve brought it up, and I’m waiting for instructions, but, actually, if you must know, writing this blog is about as computer savvy as I get). If I get to see them, I don’t know when they will want to to talk (over dinner?) Over unwrapping gifts? (that would be fun!) So I figure I should prepare some food in case I am expected to dine with them.


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