8/30/12 CSA SHARE: what they said, what we got, and what I took home

Green Beans – .4 lbs………………………..traded for tomatoes
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – 1/2 lb
Savoy Cabbage – 1 head
Red or Yellow Onions – 1 lb……………….traded for cherry tomatoes
Yellow Potatoes – 1 qt………………………traded for cilantro
Red Tomatoes – 4 lb bag
Cilantro – 1 bun………………………………got choggia beets

I also got a bag of 5 apples and another bag of 5  nectarines

  • I recognize that I don’t do green beans often, so I when I saw the bag of tomatoes in the trade box, I nabbed it and left the green beans.
  • I only got 2 onions, so the trade for 1/2 lb (a big box) of cherry tomatoes seemed a no-brainer.  These guys are so sweet, they are like candy.
  • I’ve quit my potato experiments, so I happily traded the potatoes for cilantro, which I love.

I’m about tomatoed out, so I expect this is the batch I will really dehydrate.  I’m going to just run them through the food processor and spread them on the teflex sheets, and make tomato flakes.  They are easier to use than dried slices when I’m making a tomato sauce, and they give the same effect.

I’ll probably make a kim-chee-ish ferment with the cabbage.

The beets are small.  I’ll probably peel them and then slice them with my new Kyocera Mandolin Slicer
(protecting myself with my new Microplane Cut Protection glove, especially since  I removed a good slice from my thumb last night by not using the glove – place looked like a murder scene, and the cut hurt like nobody’s business). Then I’ll just do a beet carpaccio or something like that.

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