10/18/12 CSA SHARE: What they said and what we got and what I’m going to do with it

POST #842
Share pick up day.  Unfortunately, I missed ordering the 5lbs of cranberries because today was the cut-off day,and I only just realized yesterday that I had no more checks, and they won’t take cash.  Oh well.

Here is what they said we would get and what we actually did get, and what I took away.

Butternut Squash – 1 pc
Green Kale – 1 bun…………dinosaur kale
Escarole – 1 hd……………………………traded for kale
Radicchio – 1 hd
Broccoli – 2 pcs…………..Chinese broccoli
Fennel – 2-3 pcs…………..3 pcs
Dill OR Cilantro – 1 bun……cilantro
Spinach -.75lb bag

I also got two broken heads of garlic (about 4 cloves altogether)

I am traveling by train down to Virginia Beach tonight (train leaves at 2am in the morning). I doubt that all of these leaves would survive a week and a half in the fridge, so I’m taking them with me, hoping that they will survive the train trip — my mom is very good at making a salad, and, although she has never worked with radicchio, I’m sure that, together, we can make something happen. I’m not sure if she is familiar with fennel, but I am going to take the fennel, too. (I am going to double bag the kale and hope that it will wait for me to come back)


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