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I have lost my calendar, so I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to volunteer today, so I went over to the community center early.  The truck was there, but no one had started to unload it yet.  There was one volunteer there, setting up the tables.  I offered to go out and start unloading the truck.  Great fun, some kids had opened the fire hydrant right by the driveway we use to unload the truck.  Swell.

I got the truck to move to the other side of the street – no way we could unload in that spray (I only have one pair of shoes, and I had to go to work tonight).  Then I started to unload the truck.   I got two loads into the community center before the other volunteers arrived (hey! great exercise! Good for the abs and the biceps — a little hard on my back)

As it turned out, I did not have to volunteer tonight, so after we had unloaded all the boxes and piled them on tables, I just grabbed my share.

Here is what they said and what we got:

What they said, and what we got:
Zucchini – several pcs……………4 big zucchinis
Cipollini Onions – 1 bun
Red Beets – 1 bun
Radicchio – 1 hd
Carrots – 1 bun
Broccoli -OR- Cabbage– 1 hd…..cabbage
Magenta Lettuce – 1 head
Romaine Lettuce– 1 head

I am probably going to juice the carrots and a beet.

I have enough sauerkraut for a while, so I’ll probably make some kind of slaw.

Interesting salads on the way – what is magenta lettuce? Does it taste different?


2 responses to “7/5/12 CSA SHARE: WHAT WE GOT

  1. Hi! You have written to my blog several times, inviting me to CSA link party. Where are you located? (I am in New York City)
    Thanks. BTW, I love your CSA share pictures.

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