Why don’t people want to write up instructions anymore? It seems that everyone and his brother, (or everyone and her sister) is making raw food and nutrition videos of what they want to share with us, but….. The worst issue with videos, as I see it, is that they screen out all hearing impaired people. People who cannot hear the videos are left out. Is this not discrimination? As I see it, if the people making the videos also offered a script, two positive goals might be accomplished: 1) the video producers would have a chance to correct any omissions in their videos, and the hearing impaired would be able to learn from them, as well. I am, admittedly, very big on written instructions. I am more visual than auditory, and I also would rather multi-task (watch the news or a TV program while I read a tutorial, for instance). I wish video producers would also make transcripts available so that the hearing impaired, as well as the video-adverse, could benefit from the knowledge they wish to share. Now, it may be that these folks feel they cannot write. In that case, I offer my services as a writer.


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