THE LESSON I LEARNED AT MY RAW VEGAN MEET-UP: Obey food-combining rules!!!!


I went out to dinner with a raw vegan meet-up group tonight.(when I tried to explain the concept to my Japanese room-mate, she asked me if it was like a *blind date* with a lot of people.  Well, yes, I guess you could say that, if you stretched a bit.)  I’ll tell you more about the meet-up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I want to think about what happened to my gut tonight.
I don’t often go out to eat.  I am very hinky about what I eat, and what the food preparers might have been thinking when they made what I am going to eat.

Tonight, I realized that when I prepare food at home, I am actually doing a fair job of food combining, and I also found out what happens to someone who has been food combining and then eats a wild mix of food.

I just did not think when I ordered all that food!
I did not really pay attention to all the ingredients in the food (although the restaurant did a good job of explaining).  I was happy, yea, excited, to be with a group of like thinkers who were also very interesting people in their own wright.

Then, about three-quarters of the way through the dinner, I began to feel some distress. When I ate the dessert, I actually felt physical pain on my tongue (am I newly allergic to something? Or had I just eaten too many different things in a 2 hour period?)

By the time I left the restaurant, I was in major pain.(in New York City, where there are people everywhere – unlike places where you can get in your car and do what you must).  I  finally made it home.  After a while, the discomfort abated, but not before I had a chance to reflect on my own misdeeds and make new resolutions.

The next time I go out to a raw food restaurant, I am going to pay attention to the ingredients of the food I order, and limit what I eat
, instead of having the delicious entree, the delicious smoothie, and the delicious dessert.  I do not want to feel like a sulphur-filled balloon every again.


3 responses to “THE LESSON I LEARNED AT MY RAW VEGAN MEET-UP: Obey food-combining rules!!!!

  1. It was a pleasure meeting and dining with you yesterday evening, and I am sorry to learn that you were experiencing discomfort. Please let me echo that I was also feeling “off,” though probably not to the degree you were. The food seemed wonderful and the company was delightful. So what was the problem?

    I experienced some unusual cramping in my stomach after eating the entree, though it abated by the time we left. Even so, I didn’t feel quite like myself. Maybe not everything about the meal was as it seemed.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this. I’ll check back to see if you have further insights.

    • I think that the problem I experienced was all about proper food combinations. I ordinarily eat only at home, and I prepare the food I make, and, I think, I have internalized a lot of the food combining principles, so I don’t get gastric upsets often.
      This was the first time I have eaten out in more than a year, and I went crazy — I ordered what I had planned to order, and then, when it was suggested, I decided to get a shake, and then, later, I decided to get a dessert. That was too many different kinds of foods, and I am pretty sure a number of them were never meant to be consumed together.
      I am going to post information on food combining in the next few days, so please stay tuned.

  2. You got it right! Cramping would be the pretty word I was looking for! What happened to us was that we mixed too many different kinds of foods. It happens when you go to a raw food restaurant, when you want to try some of everything.
    Each food is prepared well, but when you began to combine the entree, the smoothie, and the dessert, you get too many different ingredients which may not combine well according to natural hygiene food combining rules for best digestion.
    I realized, after my experience, that at home, I actually do a pretty fair job at food combining (a typical meal would be my kale/cashew stuffed tomatoes, and a green salad with the removed insides of the tomatoes, or else a massaged marinated dark greens salad with the tomato insides.
    Last night, I had too many combinations — green and starchy vegetables, nuts, citrus, bananas, and chocolate, among other things. It was hard fro my system to process. The result was… well, you know…
    No one recipe or ingredient caused my discomfort, but being out of control in a reasonably-priced raw food restaurant did open me up to digestive difficulties.

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