Kudos to! I ordered on the 20th, and I have my two new books now! I’ve looked over both of them, and I can safely give a preliminary take on one — the other needs more in-depth reading.

The easy-to-browse book I’ve just received isThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw, by Mark Reinfeld.

I’ve just leafed through this book quickly — had to stop and prepare dinner with those new kelp noodles, which also arrived today!  I expect I will read this book for breakfast tomorrow morning, and, perhaps, take it with me to read on the subway  (still waiting for those review copies of raw magazines).  Anyway, a cursory look-over tells me that there is a lot of basic information, as well as a number of easy to make recipes (I haven’t yet seen one with young Thai coconut — doesn’t mean that they are not there, just that they are not prevalent, which is a good thing)  This book is, most likely, a rework of sixteen other books — more power to the author — I have been wondering where it was, and thinking that I might write it—It covers a lot of basics that are strewn across the web and sprinkled throughout various books.  I am going to guardedly recommend it now (I’m pretty sure I will sing about it soon), and let you know my final opinion shortly — right now, I’d say you can’t go wrong with this book, particularly if you are a beginner)


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