From time to time, people ask me what books I have and/or would recommend. Here is a list of the books I have.



Live Foods, George and Doris Fathman
This was my first raw food book, way back when. It was published in 1967, by a couple who had studied the works of Arnold Ehret and just felt their way along.

Eydie Mae’s Natural Recipes, Eydie Mae Hunsberger
Hunsberger cured herself of cancer, following Ann Wigmore’s regimen, wrote a book about it, then went on to write this recipe book in 1976.

Recipes for Longer Life, Dr. Ann Wigmore
Classic, simple recipes from the early pioneer in raw food lifestyle.

The Uncook Book, Elizabeth and Elton Baker
Another early raw food recipe book

Fit for Life, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond
Dietary concepts based on natural hygiene (proper food combining). Dr. Doug Graham has said he was inspired by this book.


Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, Ani Phyo
Great recipes, food preparation information, and lifestyle tips.

Raw Truth, Jeremy Safron
Good recipes

Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook, Steven Meyerowitz
Chockful of information on sprouting, as well as recipes for the sprouts (including the best Rejuvelac wine recipes I have seen)

Raw, Charlie Trotter
Gourmet-style, mostly complicated raw food recipes. Delicious reading, and some easy and wonderful recipes not found anywhere else. The ten or so recipes I use regularly make it worth the price (I bought mine used)

Living in the Raw, Rose Calabro
My first “modern” raw food recipe book. I had questions, and Calabro was very kind and patient about answering them for me when I wrote to her. When I want to try something new, I usually check this book first, and some of my favorite things to make come from this book.

Rawsome!, Brigitte Mars
Great recipes, food preparation information, and information on ingredients. One of my go-to books.

How We All Went Raw, Charles, Coralanne, and George Nungesser
Very interesting book with some good recipes

The Complete Book of Raw Food, Second Edition, Lori Baird and Julie Rodwell.
An anthology of recipes by a number of famous raw food chefs, this is a good way to get to know the chefs before you check out their cookbooks.


The 80/10/10 Diet, Dr. Douglas Graham
Dr. Graham’s ideas on food combining and diet. I do not necessarily agree with everything he says, but this remains a good reference book.

You Are What You, Dr. Gillian McKeith Interesting introductory raw food book, with good information on nutritional healing diets.

Nature’s First Law: The Raw-Food Diet, Arlin, Dini, Wolfe
Interesting information on raw food diet.

The Living Foods Lifestyle, Brenda Cobb
Wigmore-based nutritional healing information and recipes.

Dining In The Raw, Rita Romano
Lots of recipes.

LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force, David Jubb
Raw food lifestyle information and recipes

RAWvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine, Matt Amsden
Fancy recipes — I do not use this much.

The Sunfood Diet Success System, David Wolfe
Raw food nutrition information

Living Cuisine, Rene Unterkoffler
Fancy recipes, food preparation tips, and an “encyclopedia” of fruit and vegetables.

The Raw Food Gourmet, Gabrielle Chavez


These are books I am waiting to receive, and looking forward to reading. I have never seen them, so I have no clue how good they might be.

The Raw Food Revolution Diet, Cherie Soria

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw, Mark Reinfeld


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