My CSA Experience

I joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CAS) group this spring. This is sort of a co-op with a farmer, who sells “shares” of his crops to groups. Our group has 100 shares of the Earthworm Farm crops, so there are 100 people who have shares. We had to pay $500 at the beginning of May, and now we go on Thursdays to a local place about 5 blocks from my apartment to pick up our “shares”. I could not afford the $500 at the time, so I split a share with a nice woman whom I found on the Internet. Now, I go right after I get home, grab the share box, and split it all (fairly), leave my partner’s share in a bag, for when she arrives, and go home to figure out how to fit all my vegetables in the refrigerator (I have a room-mate, so I only have 1/2 of the refrigerator)

Most often, to date, there have been “mystery” vegetables — things I have never seen, tasted, or used. Sometimes I have not even heard of them. That is when I go on the Internet to see what other people have done with such vegetables. I should probably mention here that I eat raw food. That puts a crimp in the mechanism, as I am looking for recipes that are uncooked. It can be very tricky. I have been posting the recipes that I have found on the Yahoo raw foods list, but I want to make them more available to people from all walks of life, i.e. the people from my CSA (or others, for that matter). That is why I have started this blog.

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