Hello! I Am Raw.

I am raw now. I’ve been raw, or pretty raw, since the 1970s. I do not recall the exact date when I discovered the existence of a wonderful “new age” bookstore (I don’t think that we had that term yet then, though), in Georgetown, in Washington, DC, and found my first raw food book, _Live Foods – Nature’s Perfect System of Human Nutrition_, by George & Doris Fathman. I had just been eating a sort of “progressive salad” (raw) because it was easy to make while I was studying and working full-time. I suddenly realized that I was eating raw.

The Fathman book was developed on Arnold Ehret’s ideas of “natural hygiene”. The plethora of recipes attracted me, and I began to eat “fancy raw”. This  was in the days when the food processor was a new and highly expensive item (I thnk a Cuisinart costs the same today as it did back them). I used my favorite food processor — my knife!

Over the years, I discovered the food processor, and how it could reduce any vegetable into submission – a pate, a paste, or just very finely chopped. I also bought a VitaMix (something I had dreamed of since I saw one at a Virginia State Fair when I was 12)

Recently (in the past two years), I have discovered that there is a whole raw world and raw community out there.

My first awareness came when I read Rose LeeCalabro’s book, _Living in the Raw_, in 1999. The ideas in that book opened my mind to new ideas. Ms. Calabro was kind enough to respond to my questions about whether I could get by with my food processor or really needed a Champion juicer. Her recipes which required a dehydrator made me curious.

I must give copious thanks to the RawFood list for enlightening me to so many things — I’ve read the entire list, from its inception, and, thanks to the list owner, I have been able to make the list’s files (and learn a lot in the process.) http://www.groups.yahoo/group/rawfood

People on the raw food list talked a lot about dehydrators, and I chose to buy an Excalibur — a decision I have never regretted — I love to dehydrate in my Excalibur, whether I am making my favorite crackers, or taking measures to save leftovers, or fresh fruit.

A wonderful woman on the list, Judy Cozza, told me about how to get a Champion juicer on ebay, and I was able to get one early last year. Now, thanks to her, I enjoy easy-to-make vegetable and fruit juices, as well as *wonderful fruit “ice cream”*. I can scarcely imagine how I survived without a Champion juicer. My new dream is to come by enough money to buy one for each of my loved ones.

A week or so ago, I had the chance to go to a local potluck in New York City (that’s where I am). Working 7 days a week, I don’t usually have the time to go to such events, so this was very exciting. I met a lot of really nice people whose names I don’t remember… I do remember Lesa, who was the hostess, and a lovely man named Steven, who is from near where my parents live in North Carolina (such a lovely accent — I just wanted to listen to him talk more). I hope to go to more such events (it didn’t hurt that the nice people there liked the food I brought)

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