today’s harvest July 26

Today, I got:


2 lbs of red potatoes.
1 bunch kale
1/2 bunch red Batavian lettuce
1 zucchini
1 cucumber
3 onions (small)
4 peaches
1/2 box blueberries

My challenge, right now, is to find out what to do with potatoes. They look tasty. I know they are fresh. Can I eat raw potatoes? Stay tuned.

The blueberries will be gone by tomorrow. I will put them in a protein smoothie. If I had anyone coming to visit, I would blend them up and let them set, and serve them as a gel…. blueberries do gel up very quickly — let a smoothie sit for 10 minutes and you will need a spoon.

The peaches will be gone in the next day or two. If I don’t eat all them today and tomorrow, they will go in the freezer and come out to go into the Champion for ice cream. I like that idea. Yum!!!! (I have some bananas to put in the freezer tonight for ice cream tomorrow…. maybe I should throw a peach or two in… yum!

Stay tuned…. I will post recipes for this yummy harvest soon.

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