Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (better than Nutella)

Somewhere online today, I saw that someone is calling this Nutella Day (really? Because of why?)
Anyway, that made me look for a raw version post-haste.
Here is my take on a “Raw Nutella”, based on a version I found at Tales of a Kitchen 

RAW HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE SPREAD (raw “nutella” version)
1 -1/2 C raw hazelnuts
7 T cacao powder
8 medjool dates
2/3 C water (or nut milk)
pinch of sea salt
2 T coconut oil
2/3 t vanilla extract

Process hazelnuts in food processor to a fine consistency – almost nut-butter consistency.
Add remaining ingredients and process to a smooth, creamy, thick spread consistency.

Use as you will.


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