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Living a raw food lifestyle, I’ve always been interested in natural healing ways. To wit, I’ve become an aromatherapist, and an energy healing master (master/teacher in a number of attunement-based – systems-Reiki/Reiki-similar schools– as well as other energy healing ways).

I originally began by studying herbology, sparked by the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA, the next town over from where I grew up. I’ve dabbled in herbology over the years, and, a number of years back I took a very good course from Herbal Healer.  Now, however, as I live on my own and have had the gas cut off since I don’t really need it, I’ve been stretched to find ways to melt beeswax or other natural hardeners.  I keep a crockpot for making chaga and other teas which require long simmering, and I’ve used that for melting.

For some reason, it has never occurred to me to use the dehydrator!  Today, I got a message from Body Enlightenment, an outfit which offers a number of interesting and useful on-line courses.  In promoting their Herbal Medicine training, they have sent out a video made by Angela Starks Monarch, a student in the course who is a raw foodist.  In the video, Angela describes how she uses her dehydrator to make infused oils and, also, to melt hardening substances for making salves, etc. Woo hoo!  Raw salves!  Yes!

If you are already into making infused oils and herbal salves, all you need to know is:
*to cut down infusion time, you can put your herb/oil mixtures in the dehydrator at the lowest setting for 2 days, and then strain it in to a container of your choice
*to melt beeswax or cacao butter (or whatever other hardening agent you might choose), place it in the dehydrator (I’d choose @125 degrees) until it melts.

I use an Excalibur dehydrator, so I take out the trays and set the infusions or hardeners in on the bottom of the cabinet.


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