CSA DEMOS: My suggestions

POST #760

Here is an exerpt from the post I sent in answer to the CSA’s call for food prep demos.  Let’s see if they go for anything.  If not, well, it would be a volunteer gig anyway, and I would have to supply all the ingredients and equipment…

Based on my previous experiences doing demos, I wrote them and told them I could do these things:

  • beet or turnip salad might be the best/most accessible — lots of people have a food processor. (I learned from a Greek member that she makes beet salad in much the same way, only she cooks the beets).
  •  What I do that is kind of cool is make pasta from raw vegetables (zucchini, carrot, beet — anything that is hard enough to work with the spiralizer)  That is interesting to people because it makes another way to do salad, or a way to have a cool dish in the summer, etc…..(I could suggest where people could get spiralizers– mostly on-line, or in Japanese stores in town)  If I did this one, I would probably make a simple raw tomato sauce to go on it. (BTW, I did this demo as the first demo the CSA ever had — many people were interested, but they thought I was selling the spiralizer.  I now understand how to handle that more effectively)
  •  I could also demonstrate how to make a raw vegan cashew cheeze  pate that is very nice as a tomato stuffing, or on individual tomato slices — this would be a trifle more expensive for me to produce because of the tomatoes. but I could also put it on zucchini or cucumber slices for tasting (I do this one several ways – my favorites are with kale, or with shiitake mushrooms and jalapeno)   It can also be used to make a nice “raw-violi” with thin kohlrabi or beet slices — which I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks, btw)
  •  I also have a very easy quick recipe for a raw vegan cheddar cheeze that can be used as a dip for raw vegetables, or as a sauce for other food (this uses red bell pepper, lemon, and cashews), 
  •  I could, also do a demo for how to make guaranteed 3-day sauerkraut that doesn’t smell up your kitchen or take up much space.  (I’ve just opened the one I started on Saturday night!)  I would just need to make up some sauerkraut 3 days before the event, and then have the ingredients to show (or not even — I could just explain it)  This demo would not be on-going at all – it would be a one-off – if you are there, you see it, but I will hang around and explain how it is done to late comers, if you like.  

 the sauerkraut  is also a possibility for a workshop, if you are at all interested in doing workshops.  Such a workshop would take all of 1/2 hour (or more, if you wanted it to be hands-on) – you show what is needed, you show how it’s done, you give ideas for variations, you give a tasting, and send them on their merry way (or more, if you wanted it to be hands-on)  The demo way would be more like a youtube video – here is how you do it.  (Here are the things you need, watch me, here are extra things that you could add, here are variations that you could do, here is what you absolutely really really need for success, here is a taste.)

So, we’ll see if they bite on any of these.  I have already done the beet salad and the spiralized vegetable pasta, but that was a couple of years ago.



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