Got up and made my salt flush.  I like to make it with hot water, so it tastes more like bouillon soup.  It goes down better that way for me (the first few times, I did it with cold water, and that was very hard for me. Then, once, I accidentally got hot water in it, and I’ve never gone back.)   I know I said I was going to try it at night, but, right now, it seems like the idea works better for me i the morning.  I can do my regular morning routine (sit in the kitchen and drink tea and read for an hour), with 32 oz of salt water.  I usually finish it in about 15 minutes.  (Then it is time to go and do something while I wait for the “call”.)

Interestingly, late this afternoon, I started to think about pizza (I don’t usually think about pizza because I am not willing to do all the work the day before to have a pizza the next day – by that time, I might not want it!)

The good thing is that every time time the pizza has come up, I’ve simply reminded myself that I am on Master Cleanse, and the thought has gone away.



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