This is the same recipe I posted last winter, but I have reworked it to make it a little easier to follow.


2 heads cabbage
2 serrano peppers (or jalapeno)
1 T sea salt
2 capsules acidophilus
1/4  C spring water
spring water as needed

  • Grate cabbage in the food processor.
    Thinly slice serrano peppers
    Place cabbage and peppers in a large bowl, add sea salt and toss well.
  • Massage the cabbage/serrano pepper mix until it becomes very juicy (As you massage, the cabbage will begin to release juice, and reduce in volume.  Keep massaging until the volume has reduced by at least 1/3).
  • Place all of the cabbage/serrano pepper mix in a 2 qt. jar with a wide mouth. (I use the funnel from my Champion juicer — it has a wide mouth).
    Once all of the mix is in the jar, push it down with your fist  a few times to make the juice come out more.
  • Empty the acidophilus caps into 1/4 C spring water and mix well, then pour the mix into the jar.
    Add enough spring water to bring the level up to 1 inch from the top of the jar.
  • Cover the jar with the two-part “dome” lid and set aside, in a bowl, to catch the juices which will escape.
    After a day or so, pour off the juices which collect in the bowl.
  • Leave the jar in a cool place in the kitchen for 3 – 4 days, then open and taste test.
  • Once the taste is to you liking, store the jar, tightly closed, in the refrigerator for up to six months (the taste will change over time, as the sauerkraut continues to ferment slowly in the refrigerator)


  • I suggest you wear a bib apron when you open the jar, as the sauerkraut usually pops out of it when you remove the lid.
  • I enjoy the taste after three or four days (and I also enjoy the quick processing time), but I have left jars for up to 3 months before opening.  The taste is different the longer you leave the sauerkraut to sit.  Experiment to find your own favorite flavor.
  • If you use smaller jars, mix 1 cap of acidophilus in 2 -3 T spring water for each jar. Do this separately for each jar to be sure that you get enough acidophilus in the jar.  Use the tamper from your VitaMix, or something strong and at least 1 inch across (I know someone who used a baseball bat) to mash down the cabbage in the smaller jar (your hand probably will not fit).

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