06/09/2009 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

It seems this is GREENS week! Sadly, the farm has not given us a beautiful photo this week.

What the farm says we will get:

1 head Red Romaine Lettuce
1 bag Lettuce Mix* – 1/2 lb.
1 bag Baby Spinach* – 1/2 lb.
1 bunch Toscano Kale
1 bunch Garlic Scapes
1 pint Strawberries
1 bag Sugar Snap Peas


GARLIC SCAPES – The scape is the top of the garlic plant– a delicacy you only get to savor for a few weeks each June, so enjoy! Remove the top head (the bulbous lighter part). The rest is edible. It has a distinct garlic flavor, but it is certainly milder than the cloves. You can use it as you would use garlic, or finely chop it and add it to salads.

TOSCANO KALE – I love kale! If you don’t think you do, then probably have not tried a good recipe! Check out my recipe for kale/cashew stuffed tomatoes, or my old stand-by, marinated massaged kale!


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