TO MARKET TO MARKET: What I picked up today for dinner

I know, I know!  Tomorrow is my CSA Share delivery day, but I just needed some things.

I went to the Union Square farmers’ market and got  a bunch of that  interesting “look like spring onions” garlic (lost a lot of the leaves on the way home on the train, and annoyed a lot of people with those long garlicky leaves),  and a tomato (might be for dinner tonight)

Then I went up to the Fairway Market and picked  up two poblano peppers (I want to stuff them with a spicy mix), some cremini mushrooms (my first time to try them – I want to stuff them, I think), and some of my new stand-by, shiitake mushrooms (I will probably marinate them for tonight’s dinner), as well as cashews, pine nuts and macadamia nuts (these pine nuts and macadamia nuts are going to be an experiment — I do not believe in them – they are not even from the US and they are expensive, and I want to see if I really really want to violate my personal rules and eat them– my rules are all about eating frugally and locally as much as possibly, and, if not locally, then US-grown – if at all possible – you will not see young Thai coconut recipes from me).

DINNER TONIGHT: I still have some lettuce, radishes and turnips from last week, as well as some leftover marinated greens from my dinner responsibility night on Monday, so they will probably appear on the table, as well.

My next project will be to look for raw pickling recipes for vegetables I don’t want to dehydrate, but which I know I will not get to right away.


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