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NIBBLES – what I did with the leftovers

Last night, I made spaghetti with zucchini pasta and a tomato/onion/red bell pepper/almond sauce. My sauce came out thick, but I like it that way.

After dinner, I looked at the leftover sauce and just knew I was not oing to eat it this week.  I had a leftover zucchini so I sliced it on the mandonline and then put a spoonful of sauce on each slice and everything in the dehydrator overnight.  This morning, I was amazed at how small the zucchini slices had shrunk, but I was very pleased with the taste of these little bites. My room-mate says they taste like pizza.  Next time, though, I am going to slice the zucchini thicker.


DEHYDRATING ZUCCHINI – zucchini chips on the way

I have found myself with a lot of leftover zucchini – if my room-mate were around, we would have a lot of pasta, but she’s off in Japan, so I am on my own with all these vegetables.   I’ve decided to make zucchini chips. Now I have five trays of thinly sliced zucchini rounds sprinkled with my chili seasoning dehydrating.  I still have more to go, but I have until tomorrow to figure out what the next seasoning will be.