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10/22/07 CSA SHARE: What they said I would get

I’m still on vacation …. but I figure it can’t hurt to post the “prediction”.  I’ll learn tomorrow or Sunday (when I get back) just what was in the box.

This is what they promised:

Qty: 1 head

Braccoli Raab or Swiss Chard
Qty: 1 bunch

Qty: 1 piece

Qty: 1 bunch

Qty: 1 bunch

Red Beets
Qty: 1 bunch

White Salad Turnips
Qty: 1 bunch

Toscano Kale
Qty: 1 bunch

Red Oakleaf Lettuce
Qty: 1 head


A SMOOTHIE? Is this me????

I am probably the last holdout from smoothies. I wanted my VitaMix so I could make them, and $450 later, that same night, I learned that I did not care for smoothies. I like juice. I love my banana yellow Champion juicer to pieces. I don’t mind getting it out, dragging it to the table, chopping the vegetables or fruit into little bits, or even washing up afterwards.

I go to all these raw food meets, and people proudly bring their smoothies, and I just want a spoon.

So what happened tonight? I have no clue. I just found myself tossing the last 5 apples and 1/4 of the little cabbage in the VitaMix with some water, and then….. it was a smoothie!!!! I swear I don’t know how it happened. I drank it. My room-mate drank it, too. She said it tasted like dessert.

Okay, I will admit….it happened yesterday, too. I threw about 3/4 of a head? bunch? of red-leaf lettuce in the VitaMix with two tomatoes, an apple, a beet, 1/2 a red pepper, and some water. I drank it all, too.

Very curious, indeed. Could it be stress?


I went to the doctor today.  After she ran all her tests and took some of my blood, she asked me if I was eating right.  Yes, I get a lot of healthy vegetables, nuts and seeds, and fruit.  She then asked me if I didn’t eat any cars.….. wait a minute!!!!  After I recovered, and understood that she meant “carbohydrates”, I paused for a moment.  Okay, since English is not her native language, and since even some people who are native speakers are mightily confused as to what carbohydrates are, I patiently explained that vegetables are carbohydrates, that food breaks down to three basic groups: protein, fats, and carbohydrates.  She wouldn’t hear it.  You have to eat grains, she told me.  I promised her I would run home and sprout some wheat.  I told her that, if anything, my diet might be low on protein, but certainly not on carbohydrates.   Okay, so wherever she studied medicine, they did not cover nutrition very thoroughly.  She doesn’t even know the full word “carbohydrates”, it seems.  I think I will go to the kitchen now and eat some more cars.