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I had two bunches of rhubarb from a share a couple of weeks ago, and I had not done anything with it, so I decided to take a chance — I remembered that the rhubarb tasted lemony last year…..

I put 10-12 stalks of rhubarb into the Vitamix with 2 cups of water and a sprinkle of stevia and let the Vitamix do its thing.

I got a lemony smoothie textured drink. Yum…. My room-mate wanted to know what was in it (she likes to copy things I make on occasion)


A SMOOTHIE? Is this me????

I am probably the last holdout from smoothies. I wanted my VitaMix so I could make them, and $450 later, that same night, I learned that I did not care for smoothies. I like juice. I love my banana yellow Champion juicer to pieces. I don’t mind getting it out, dragging it to the table, chopping the vegetables or fruit into little bits, or even washing up afterwards.

I go to all these raw food meets, and people proudly bring their smoothies, and I just want a spoon.

So what happened tonight? I have no clue. I just found myself tossing the last 5 apples and 1/4 of the little cabbage in the VitaMix with some water, and then….. it was a smoothie!!!! I swear I don’t know how it happened. I drank it. My room-mate drank it, too. She said it tasted like dessert.

Okay, I will admit….it happened yesterday, too. I threw about 3/4 of a head? bunch? of red-leaf lettuce in the VitaMix with two tomatoes, an apple, a beet, 1/2 a red pepper, and some water. I drank it all, too.

Very curious, indeed. Could it be stress?