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INTERESTING SEAWEED FIND: Shopping in Little Korea


I went into the Korean market on 32nd St. in Manhattan today, looking for seaweed. Unfortunately, I picked the time when, apparently, every clueless person in Manhattan had chosen to be there. Never mind.  I managed to negotiate the very narrow aisles clogged with stockclerks who did not seem to think that customers matter and the clueless, who darted here and there seemingly blindly and choosing nothing, and, finally found the seaweed section..  No luck there! Everything proudly announced that it had been roasted and seasoned.

Finally, I discovered an aisle where there was no one!  It was the aisle with fresh food. There, I discovered some packaged *salted* “kelp:.  One package showed a picture of something which looked like something I used to eat in Taiwan, and the package had (praise the Lord!) English language instructions for preparation, which led me to believe that the product was a “fresh, salted” item, so I bought it.

Now I have it soaking (the instructions said 40 minutes, and the amount of salt on the seaweed would tend to make me want to soak it at least that long!).  I am going to make a “sushi” sort of thing with parsnips and other vegetables.


I also got marinated sesame leaves.  Koreans use them to scoop up rice with their chopsticks.  I am sure that none of the ingredients are organic, but I am pretty sure that they are raw.  I am going to try them with the parsnips, and if that doesn’t work, I am going to lay them on the seaweed before I wrap the parsnips and vegetables.  If this works, I am going to see if I can find where to get the sesame leaves so I can make my own marinated sesame leaves.