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50 ZUCCHINIS LATER: How I got my supper

I promised my friend I would help her out with her party, so I went there directly after work.  My job, turned out to be saladacco-ing 50 zucchinis (yes, I counted them) for the base of the main course.  It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to do that many nice big thick straight zucchinis. By the time I took myself to the party (I think they’d forgotten me in the kitchen), it was well underway…. I grabbed some of the zucchini pasta with red sauce and some of the really neat sunflower seed “meat balls” and sat near some people who were discussing Victoria Boutenko and had about the same take I did when I saw her, so I listened in and that was interesting.

It was nice to see my friend’s party turn out so well… I’m sure she must be very happy.



Once I had my Saladacco in my kitchen, I could not stop until I had spiralized every single spiralizable thing in the kitchen. I had a totally spiralized dinner.

First I spiralized two zucchinis and set them aside.

I made my basic sauce (I have to work on getting it less thick, I think, but, as thick as it is, when I am tired of sauce, it is easy to dehydrate quickly into patties)

1 C almonds, soaked at least 4 hours (or overnight)
@ 1 T extra virgin olive oil
@ 1/2 t Tabasco (or apple cider vinegar)
@ 1 T vegetarian Worcestershire sauce
(yes, I give the recipe, no, not totally raw)
@ 2 C dehydrated tomato “flakes”
(I blended tomatoes then dehydrated them),
soaked in water to cover
Italian seasoning (or oregano) to taste
garlic to taste

  • In a food processor, grind the almonds fine (alternatively, homogenize them in a Champion juicer with the blank plate)
  • Add remaining ingredients, and process until well blended.

I set that aside.

Then I spiralized a beet, a turnip, a carrot, and a small daikon
(about 6 inches long)
I tapenaded three big red lettuce leaves (roll up leaves to a
fat cigar shape, then finely slice, then chop through the rounds
once or twice)
I combined the spiralized root vegetables and the lettuce shreds,
and added some olive oil, Spike, finely minced garlic, and
apple cider vinegar…

I put the spiralized zucchini on the plates and topped it with about 3 T of the sauce.
Then I filled up the rest of the space on the plate with the salad.

Now I have to get some more spiralizable vegetables. MUST SPIRALIZE. AM VERY HAPPY.

My New Toy!!!!

My room-mate gave me a Saladacco Spiralizer, which came in the mail today!!!!!

I immediately dashed to the kitchen and made quick work of two zucchinis. I handed some of the “angelhair pasta” to my room-mate, who announced that the taste was quite different from the taste of the pasta I have been making with my spirooli (BTW, I think that World Cuisine has taken over making the spirooli– at any rate, theirs looks just like my spirooli). The saladacco is also much smaller than the spirooli, which is an important consideration in my tiny NYC kitchen.

Next, I will spiralize a daikon and a beet. Off I go!