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POST #943
I think I bought The Locavore’s Handbook: the Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budget,  by Leda Meredith, by accident – I was looking for books by Wildman Steve Brill, and books on foraging in New York City. Nevertheless, I am happy to have it – I inhaled it in one day!

Meredith is a New Yorker, and she mostly gives information as to how to organize one’s life to eat local as much as possible, in order to reduce one’s carbon footprint – that said, she does give hints as to where you might look if you are in another part of the country. (The basics will apply if you live in another country, as well, but you will just have to find your own way to the resources).

I’ll admit that, on differing levels, I knew most of this information (as I said, I bought this book by accident), but Meredith addresses a number of issues which are near and dear to my heart – I live in a tiny New York City apartment, and she suggests storage ideas that I might not have thought of.

Meredith is not a raw foodist, or even a vegetarian, but I think we are all grown up enough that we can read books and get what we need from them. She talks extensively about foraging, community gardening, CSAs, food coops, food preservation (another topic near and dear to my heart) and home organization issues. In my reading, I have gotten quite a few ideas about how I can reorganize my kitchen and apartment to include more storage space.

If you are interested in eating local or organic, and/or if you live in a tiny New York apartment,  and you want to organize a locavore/vegan/raw vegan kitchen, this is the book for you. It’s really good.


RAW FOODS ON A BUDGET: a great new book

POST #715
I recently received the long-awaited Raw Foods on a Budget by Brandi Rollins, and I’ve got to say it has been well worth the wait.

I’ve been watching Rollins’ posts about her journey to this book for the past year or so.  This young woman has been working hard to build her program while she has been writing this book.  Every recipe she has posted on Facebook has been truly interesting, inspiring, and … tasty!  She has also posted ideas, here and there, as to how to manage a raw food diet on a budget.

The raw food diet on a budget has always been an issue.  On various raw food email groups, I have dealt with people who complain that a raw food diet is too expensive.  I have talked about how I managed while I was in college and graduate school.  Other raw food sites have published on the issue of eating raw while on a budget.  Still, no one has ever taken that mega-step to writing up all the raw-food-on-a-budget tips in one book, along with enough recipes to justify the book alone.

Rollins has pulled together “new to raw foods” information, as well as serious ways to look at how to manage a raw food diet on a budget.  Further, she has included a number of original raw food recipes which are both budget-friendly and, also, tasty.

I’ve got all sorts of raw food recipe books, but this one is unique in its focus.  I would definitely recommend it, both for those interested in learning more about or starting a raw food lifestyle, as well as for old hands, who want a fresh look at what they’ve always been doing.

Raw Foods on a Diet is also available as an ebook.(I prefer a cookbook I can lay on the table while I’m working, so I like the hard-copy Raw Foods on a Budget)

Rollins also offers a “starter package”, which includes the book as well as her 28-day raw food starter program, with a year of support for only a few dollars more than the book alone.  

This is definitely a good bet to add to your raw vegan library, both for the extremely useful lifestyle information, as well as the delicious, innovative and budget-conscious recipes.