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I know this is not food, but, almost every time I get involved with raw vegans, the topics of cosmetics and personal hygiene/body care come up (It could be because I wear make-up, and won’t stop! Yes, I was a hippie back in the real hippie time, and I got started with natural  and raw vegan food and lifestyle back then. Nevertheless, in several areas, particularly makeup, I have reverted to my GRITS — Girl Raised in the South– upbringing, and I am just not going to stop wearing makeup and I don’t care what anybody says! End of Rant.) Because my skin is very delicate (I am a Southern Belle, after all), I have always looked for more natural skin care/personal hygiene products.    In this wonderful modern world, in this big city I live in, there is LUSH, a company out of England, which makes natural, mostly organic, mostly vegan skincare, personal hygiene, and bath products.  Their deodorant, TEO, is truly fabulous (keeps me smelling pleasant, even in the middle or at the end of Hot Yoga).  It is a powder that comes in a cake — You need a container, and you need to break it up, then use a brush to apply it.  It costs about $8.00– but I don’t expect to run out of it for at least a year– (possibly more if you have to buy it on-line)

The hippie/natural girl/poor girl in me still likes to know that I can make my own deodorant out of things that are already in my kitchen (okay, I don’t normally have baking soda or arrowroot powder, but I could arrange for that to happen).  This deodorant is really great, and I can keep it in the refrigerator, so it will last for months, and keep me smelling pleasant.

From a recipe at:  http://realfoodmyway.blogspot.com/2009/03/coconut-oil-killed-my-stink.html