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QUINTESSENCE GROUPON: raw vegan restaurant: if you are in NYC, or going to be

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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!  I have just received a Groupon offer for for a meal at Quintessence, in the East Village, in Manhattan, in New York City.  This coupon offers a $40 dining experience for $20.  I am so there!  I haven’t been to Quintessence in a while, but I expect that $40 would provide an amazing repast (in the past, I’ve been able to escape, with scrupulous control, for under $25, so I expect that this opportunity would likely tax my powers of food combining, but in a pleasurable way). Raw Chef Dan creates fabulous recipes (he also offers yummy recipes on his website, and offers food prep training as well)

This offer is available for but 4 more days.  Scramble over there to take advantage (I looked into the fine print, and the coupon is good for a year.  Quintessence has been around longer than any other raw restaurant in the City –  we have but 2-1/2 — I say 1/2 because Caravan of Dreams does offer some raw repasts, and Quintessence is also the most price-accessible/affordable, but, hey! Sadly, raw restaurants come and go, so don’t wait the whole year!  Go enjoy 1/2 price meal at Quintessence soonest)

Nobody is paying me to tell you about this (Okay, being broke, I did check both places to see if I could get a kick-back, but nothing was available). I just got an email, and am passing it on.

RAW SOUL LIVES ON! the rumors are wrong!

For the past four or five months, I’ve been hearing that Raw Soul, the wonderful raw vegan restaurant in Harlem, was closing, or had already closed.

Tonight, I finally decided to go to the source and ask Lillian and Eddie, themselves.

I was happily surprised to receive a message back from them within a few short hours — they say

“No sister Margaret it is not true.  They are just that, rumors!   Come on
over and see us, we look forward to serving you.  Thank you for your concern
and love.”

Please go to visit this restaurant, patronize the business, to help keep them here with us.  Raw Soul is probably the best affordable raw vegan restaurant we have here.  The food is delicious and they also offer things not found elsewhere (particularly their rejuvelac by the gallon!)

If I could afford it, I would go there every week.  What I can do is urge you to go to this simple, pleasant cafe style restaurant and enjoy a meal there.