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I’ve gone back to my roots, so to speak… back to my original nutrition training…. and I’m reading an old favorite, Protein Power, by Michael and Mary Dan Eades, both MDs, which came out right after the Atkins Diet, but with a lot more specific information on vitamins, minerals, etc., and so forth, and what have you.

This is NOT a RAW book. No.

It is a book which explains how the body operates, and what it needs to operate at maximum functionality. It explains how the body functions, and what the body needs to function. It explains how nutrients are broken down and utilized.

It is relatively easy to read, i.e., if your eyes are open, you can probably handle it. Aha! I just caught myself: your eyes need to be open.

We have all been hearing all these different takes on what raw food nutrition should be. Many of us have formed definite opinions about how raw food should be eaten, in what quantities, including what amounts of what types of raw food, based on what this or that raw food guru has announced.

What I find interesting about the Eades’ book is the concentration on the physiology of nutrition, i.e., what happens when you eat what you eat, and what the body does when it wants to get what it wants to get. This book is basically a refresher course on my entire nutrition training (minus the colonics, enemas and wheatgrass)

As a raw food person, I, of course, ignore the suggestions of animal-based nutrients, but that is as easy to do as ignoring the person halfway down the subway car who is telling you he hasn’t eaten in 3 days when you know darn well you gave him your entire lunch yesterday–okay, no! It is easier to ignore than that guy, when you went fasting yesterday because you gave him your lunch!)

In this book, if you are considering reading it, you get straight physiology… how does the body work? What does it do with what it gets? What does it need? Where can you get that?

The book is geared to SAD diet, in particular, people with elevated insulin and/or cholesterol levels, but the physiology remains the same. You can be on raw food, but your body will still need the same things.

It is the best mass market nutrition book I know of — and the fact of the matter is that all of us have the same basic kind of body, regardless of what we are putting into it.(if you know of a better book, which covers all the points that this book covers, please let me know)