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Admittedly, I had not visited GoneRaw.com in quite a while (okay, maybe a year or so), but I was surprised and disheartened to find the place in a shambles today when I clicked through and old link on an old, inactive blog, looking for Chef Landria, who seems to have disappeared.  On the home page, there was some kind of code disturbance, which just got worse when I clicked on RECIPES at the top of the page.  

Ah, but help is on the way, if you want to go see this famous old repository for raw recipes of all kinds.

Go to the bottom of the page, and find where it says RECIPES –GONE RAW – that link is healthy (at least as of a few minutes ago)  You can page through the recipes, which seem to be intact. 

My advice – if you want to avail yourself of a number of wonderful recipes from people who have posted over the years, who may or may not still be active, QUICK! Go there and look through all of the recipes which sound like something you might want to eat or prepare for someone else.  (Who knows how long this site will remain – it has apparently been abandoned, and there have been no postings in the past year or so).

Pretty Smart Reading: my new book

I’ve just received LifeFood Recipe Book: Living on Life Force by David and Annie Padden Judd today. I have to say I am liking it more and more, the further I read (okay, not very far yet– I’ve just mostly flipped through it, noticed a few of the nutrition attitudes, and glanced at the recipes…. I’ve been working on upgrading the blog for the past few days…)

As of what I have read, I would highly recommend this book, regardless of what you think you know, or what you believe…. It is a heck of a good read, and it offers worthwhile information. In addition, there are a number of yummy-looking recipes.

I finally bought this book, a year after it was recommended to me by a wonderful man in my raw food training atRaw Soul. This amazing man kept bringing in marvelous books that he had found, and, one day, he brought in some Jubb books. I was moderately intrigued, at the time, but something attracted me the other day, when I was browsing the Internet, and I bought this one.
More interesting books about raw food


For the moment, after seeing ZenPawn’s hurt face, and after spending some time on his blog, I have put ZenPawn’s blog back on my list. I had removed it because I don’t really think wine belongs to a raw food diet. After a good long think, however, I have decided, because his site does have quite a bit of useful information, to put him back.

I’m Excited!!! I’ve found new blogs!!


I found this photo at I Can Has Cheezburger and I so love it.

I am singing “Halleluia!” because I know about the raw food lifestyle, and because I can communicate with other raw foodies via my computer, and I can even meet people who believe in a raw food lifestyle in my town. I am so very blessed.

I have been hanging out on the Internet more than I’d like to (I miss reading sometimes) and I have found a lot of new raw food blogs and sites. Now I have to find out some way to make my links list manageable… ahhh! the blog learning curve!…. meanwhile, please do check out my links, because there are a lot of exciting places to visit, particularly if you are looking for new recipes! I’m excited because I have new places to go back to and check out from time to time.