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HOLIDAY RECIPES: Christmas & Hanukkah


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this cute picture borrowed from Hinarera Lambert’s blog

It is always good to find holiday recipes just when you need them. 

Sometimes I go back to my Holiday Recipes page and am surprised that I’ve forgotten about this or that recipe, and it would be perfect.    Sometimes, I find people commenting on this or that blog about some great recipes, and, then, when I go there, I get an amazing sense of deja vu — just before I realize that someone has found my recipes and is helping me spread the word (I would kindly ask that you, at the very least, credit my blog for the recipes you use).

It does give me a very nice feeling to see that other people are enjoying my holiday recipes

— at this time of year, particularly– I’ve got 2 “blind” potlucks (I’ve never met any of these people) this weekend, and knowing that my recipes are enjoyed by others I’ve never met will give me added courage to walk into an unknown environment (I’m terminally shy, so I do this kind of thing as often as I can, because I am confident that most people there will enjoy my contribution, which gives me an easy way to smile and be vivacious — and, maybe, be able to meet some new friends)



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Oh my gosh! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and, following that, Yule, Christmas, and Hanukkah.
These are FOOD holidays. You need food for the holidays. You’re wanting to be raw, or as raw as you can, so you need RAW LIVING FOOD RECIPES for the holidays.

Once again, I would like to call your attention to MY HOLIDAY RECIPES page. There are a number of recipes that you can use (they are mine, so please reference my blog if you want to tell others about them)

At the end of the page is a listing of several “for fee” holiday recipe collections, just so you know that I am open-minded and don’t copy others’ recipes.


I have an ample collection of Christmas holiday recipes on my Holiday Recipes page.

I will also include a few more new recipes in the next day or so.


it’s that time again… people are thinking about shopping for a turkey, and what they will make to accompany it, and raw food people are wondering what they will do.

If you are expected to join your family for Thanksgiving dinner, the best way to manage that is to prepare one or two dishes that you are willing to eat and that you think the other people at the table might enjoy — you solve your problem of only being able to eat salad, and you “missionize” subtly by showing people something easy to prepare that tastes good and *is raw*.

If you are far from your family, or otherwise will not be joining them, then you can prepare your raw food feast unfettered.

I have a number of different choices for Thanksgiving dishes which hark back to the old tastes.  There are even “rawturkey” recipes, concocted from raw vegetables to be reminiscent of that old Thanksgiving staple.  There are pumpkin pie recipes, sweet potato recipes, and more.

Best of all, all of these recipes are free!  That’s right — I do not charge for my holiday recipes as of yet.  Just go to Holiday Recipes