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June 12th – New NYC Raw Food Meet-Up

I’ve just learned, from the newly-reorganized/under new management  Pure Raw Food Pathways Meet-Up Group (NYC), about a raw food restaurant of which I have been hitherto unaware (oh, goody!  I got to use “hitherto”!)  I see that it is not all raw, nor all vegan, but that it has some raw food.  It took some work to get the restaurant’s site to pony up with a menu (the pictures don’t work), but, if you click here, it should take you to the menu listings for raw food.

The meet-up is on June 12th, at
119 East 17th Street

This place is a good bit cheaper than a close-by neighbor, Pure Food & Wine — interesting!

I will go because I would like to meet raw foodies of any age and find out where they are at/what they are thinking  (and also because I learn about new places by listening to others).


The NYC YOGA & RAW FOOD EXPO is coming up next weekend –

05/29/09 – 05/31/09
Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Avenue at 34th Street (corner 34th St. & 8th Ave.)

This is the only big raw event, and the only widely-publicized and reasonably affordable raw food event in the city (we won’t count the 2-hr. meet-ups that cost $20 or more

By my count, this is the second Raw Food Expo here, ever.  Be there. Make it seem worth the promoter’s effort, so we can have more!