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I’ve just noticed that Raw Soul, in New York City,  is offering a 6-week (Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings) RAW CHEF training, starting next Sunday (July 19th).

If you have always wanted a thorough, reasonably priced raw chef training, and you live in the city, this might be the place for you to be (the hours are very manage-able for most people).  Eddie Robinson worked as a chef in a number of vegetarian restaurants around town before he and his wife Lillian Butler, who attended the Hippocrates Institute AnnWigmore-based raw food training, opened their wonderful restaurant, Raw Soul.  They have been offering raw food lifestyle trainings for several years now (the one I went to was hands-down the best raw food training I have ever had)

The training is open to only 12 trainees, but there may still be space.  Check it out.



Aw, man! Another thing to add to my wish list! Raw Soul is doing a Raw Chef training,in New York City, and I just know it is going to be fabulous! The raw food training I attended at Raw Soul was so fabulous that I KNOW I want to do their Raw Chef training.

Since I won’t be able to attend the March training, which I believe is the first (because I will be attending another training at that time, as well as paying for my CSA membership for 2009), I am going to have to hope and pray that all goes well and that the training is a big success, so that there will be more, and I will, hopefully soon, be able to plunk down the $1800 investment. I hope that the word will get around — they don’t seem to be publicizing much — about this program, which I am sure will be fabulous.

Sadly, on my visit to check on this training, I see that, apparently, Lillian Butler has discontinued her fabulous Raw Food training. This was the only raw food lifestyle training available in New York City, and it will be missed. I imagine that their failure to publicize this program may have contributed to demise of the program. Hopefully, Raw Soul will find a way to publicize their programs more actively and widely, and soon.

I would also recommend Raw Soul’s new book, Raw Soul Health Journey, by Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson, the powers behind Raw Soul.  I  have only had one opportunity to look through the book, but it looks like just about everything that Lillian presented in her raw food trainings is detailed in this book, in addition to a healthy selection of the recipes Raw Soul serves daily.  This book would be a good addition to anyone’s library of nutrition, lifestyle, and food prep books. (This is not available on amazon.com — you will have to go directly to the publisher, Raw Soul — although I do think I may have seen it at the Integral Yoga bookstore in Greenwich Village, in New York….)