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I love Tabasco. (I’m Southern. It’s in my blood)

I know, I know, many raw people have issues with anything that tastes good, is spicy, or adds flavor to food. Others have issues with vinegar. I am just not going to go there. This is America.

I have been guiltily indulging my taste for Tabasco at every chance I get. (Oh, I take back the “guilty” part. I’ve been doing it because I want to.) On occasion, I even surf over to the tabasco.com site.

Tonight, I have found out that the peppers in Tabasco are not cooked, but, rather, fermented. I do rejuvelac and sauerkraut, so…. Tabasco is no longer a guilty pleasure for me, nor is it anything I will feel I must hide (yes, it is not organic, but I know that almost everyone I respect in the raw food world sometimes uses non-organic foods) Tabasco is raw!!!!!!

I am happy. I am still raw when I use Tabasco. Yippee!