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New Chapter Probiotics – Of course Fairway has it!

fairway Fairway has my long-sought New Chapter All-Flora Probiotics Powder!!!!

Why did I bother traipsing all over Astoria/Long Island City looking for the New Chapter All-Flora Probiotics powder that I want for my nut and seed cheezes?  Why did I go to four different stores, only to find that, although the New Chapter company website listed them as vendors, they did not have what I wanted?  Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Oh, yeah! I was trying to buy local.  I did give it a chance…. but it was not to be.

I was all ready to go on-line and buy at beyondprobiotics, Then, on the last leg of my trip, it suddenly occurred to me that Fairway might have it.  Of course, Fairway!  When have they ever not had what I wanted (okay, my want list is made up of kale, kale, kale, collards, shiitake mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, and LaraBars, mostly).  Fairway has a website, so I can get their phone number and know very quickly.   Got it!  Called them right away!  It took a bit of asking for repeats and repeating back to figure out wart the marn who wars being arn the phorn wars tearling me, bart….. in the end….I finally made out that he was trying to assure me they are harving this product” and it is, in fact, the “parder”Except for the momentary dismay at having to decipher that heavy-duty accent (why do places seem to think that their customers want to repeat 4 times and ask for repeats 6 or 7 times in order to get information over the phone?  I have nothing against foreigners except when they have maddeningly impenetrable accents and get snippy with me when I try to figure out what they are saying– this story will go back to my ESL students as the WHY I insist on their pronouncing crisply and cleanly!I was deliriously happy to learn that they do, in fact (of course, duh!), carry the product I am after.

Now I have rested from my foray around Astoria.  I am off to get my money’s worth on the last day of my monthly unlimited Metrocard  by going up to Fairway, and then coming back in time to snag a Pilates class.

From here on in, I promise I will always look to Fairway first,  when I need a specialty item!