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I now know how much coconut meat (on average) is in a young coconut.  I made two pina coladas — one this morning, and one this evening, and the coconut is now history.  Since I put 1 C of coconut in each pina colada, my elementary math skills lead me to the conclusion that there is 1/2 C meat in the average young coconut.


1 C young coconut meat
1-1/2 C pineapple
dash stevia (optional)
2 C water

Process all ingredients until smooth in a VitaMix (or other high speed blender)

The original recipe I looked at called for only 1 C pineapple, 2 C orange juice, and no stevia,  but I had no oranges, so, instead, first, I substituted 2 C water and another 1/2 C pineapple.  The first time I made it (early in the morning), I thought it wasn’t sweet enough, so I added a dash of stevia powder.  This evening, when I made up the mix, I tasted it before adding the stevia, and decided that it was sweet enough without it.   I think 2 C of orange juice would be way too sweet, but substituting 1/2 C orange juice for 1/2 water would probably be good.


My Juicy Day: V8 Juice (sort of), Apple Juice, and Coconut Water

I started out the day with a big glass of apple juice I had made from the last four apples from my winter fruit share.

After work, I went down to Chinatown with my friend Lesa. I haven’t been there in forever. We bought Thai coconuts on the street. The lady at the stand opened them up for us and gave us straws, and we just stood on the corner and sipped the coconut water. Lesa gave me her empty coconut. After we walked around some more, we decided to have another coconut juice, so I ended up coming home with four coconuts. I’ve taken out all the meat…. and I’m thinking maybe a pina colada in the morning, with the pineapple I have in the refrigerator.

I thought I should probably make a serious vegetable juice at least once today although I really had no plan. I just looked in the refrigerator and pulled out some vegetables. (This week, I am sort of limited food-wise to whatever is in the refrigerator or in my dehydrated vegetable stash I made last summer).

V8 JUICE (sort of)
6 med. carrots
1 small beet
3 handfuls of dehydrated tomato powder, rehydrated in 1 C water
Handful dehydrated greens
1/2 sm. head red cabbage
1 red bell pepper
1/ sm onion
1 clove garlic

  • I juiced the beet and 5 of the carrots in my Champion juicer. (I just forgot the sixth carrot).
  • I put the juice (about 1 C) into the VitaMix with the last carrot, the rest of the vegetables, and the tomato soak water..
  • I added about 2 large glasses of water so that the product would be drinkable (i.e., juice and not pate)

It came out more purple than red, but it wasn’t bad. I probably could have called it soup, if I had put it in a bowl.