Seed the Change on Your Very Own South Lawn: Do you really need the same vegetables the Obamas have planted at the White House?

Now, for the humorous post of the day:

Not to be left behind, or outdone, in the race to do as Obama does (why does this sound vaguely religious?), Seeds of Change is offering a special “Seed the Change Collection” of organic seeds:
white-house1“Follow the call for the change that is being sounded all the way from the White House. Take a stand on healthy eating, local, safe food, and environmental sustainability by growing your own food right in your lawn or garden. Our newly-released Seed the Change collection features ten, easy-to-grow varieties with some of the same types of vegetables that are in the White House organic garden. You too can ‘ Seed the Change’ ,  and plant an organic garden in your  South Lawn – for a better world, and a better America.
Includes; America Spinach, Chadwick Cherry Tomato, Vates Collards, Emerald Oak Lettuce, Silverado Chard, Pastel Dreams Zinnia, Mahogany Nasturtium, Slow Bolt Cilantro, Genovese Sweet Basil and Garden Sorrel.”

Why do I keep hearing that music that always played before a Bush clip on Dave Letterman?