POST #945
It’s that time of year again – the NYC Yoga & Raw Food Expo is coming around.  This time it has moved to the Pennsylvania Hotel (7th Ave btw 32nd & 33rd Sts) I’m imagining that it is in the “ballroom” (that is where the New Age Expos used to be held, before they moved to the New Yorker)

The Raw Food Expo usually has some interesting things to see, hear, and do.  I remember that, at my first one, I was hungry, so I found a booth that was selling raw crackers. I had never seen raw crackers before! I was so in awe! They had an Excalibur dehydrator there, and I made up my mind to get one for myself ASAP … and that is how I came to have my Excalibur 11 years ago.


New Meetup Group: New meetup date

There are a number of raw food meetup groups in NYC, and more sprouting up from time to time.

One newly arrived group: The New York Raw Food Meetup Group/East West Living has just announced a meetup at East West Living on 5th Ave., on May 5.  As far as I know, this is the first event for this group.   From the description of the event, it sounds to me like it is going to be a feeler for interest.  I’ll be there begging on my knees for potlucks.

This is the first in my planned listing of New York City raw food events.  I plan to do my best to become informed as to what is going on around the city, raw food-wise, and then bring that info together in one place (here).