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I have just recently finished the Raw Living Foods Home Study training and certification course. Before I say anything else, I want to thank Jim Carey for bringing this body of information in an easily accessible format to the masses.

Not everyone has the opportunity to check into one of the “asylums” out there, to “take the cure” and learn by doing, in person, so this is invaluable resource.

Now, on to my observations:
Yes, you can get all of this information on your own if you spend 20 or so years researching
Ann Wigmore’s program, and if you read every single thing that she ever wrote, and then research the how-to’s for some of the more esoteric practices she recommended. You could do it, but you probably wouldn’t.

This course, with its extensive, pretty much self-explanatory manual, and its massive collection of DVD seminars could be just what you need, if you are interested in a very traditional, natural, raw food health and healing program.