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POST #874

I am from the South, and Southerners eat black-eyed peas, greens (collards or kale), and pork (usually a ham hock or a hog jowl cooked together with the black-eyed peas and the greens, for flavor. (In other parts of the country, they might eat the same thing – I don’t want to exclude anyone – I just can only speak for what we do in the South).

The foods Southerners traditionally eat on New Year’s Day have meaning:
BLACK-EYED PEAS SYMBOLIZE PLENTY AND PROSPERITY).   When you cook black-eyed peas, they almost double in size. I’ve heard a number of different stories about black-eyed peas – most of them stem from an event in the War Between the States, in the 1800s. I’ve heard that a city was burned down (some say Charleston, some Atlanta, some Savannah – that doesn’t matter – the Union army made a point of burning down Confederate cities ) The story I have heard most often was that the starving people, homeless because of the burning, found a warehouse with barrels of black-eyed peas, and, so, they were able to eat (and, possibly—now this is me thinking – plant a new crop). This morning, I learned that some people say that, in Vicksburg, VA, the Union army burned all of the crops, save the black-eyed peas, which they mistakenly believed to be only food for animals.

GREENS (COLLARDS OR KALE) SYMBOLIZE PROSPERITY: Green has long been the color of American money.

HAM/PORK SYMBOLIZES PROGRESS: The pig is the only animal that moves forward while it is eating.


BLACK-EYED PEAS: I ate 5-day black-eyed pea sprouts with chopped red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing.

GREENS: Most years, I eat marinated massaged collards or kale, but, this year, I had a batch of cheezy kale chips, so munched on those while I was doing things around the kitchen.

So, WHAT ABOUT THE HAM? Early on, I decided to resolve this issue by “intention”. I have a little pig figurine made of gold. I place it on the table when I am eating my New Year’s good luck food, and I think about it. I think about how the pig eats while it is moving forward, and I think about how the pig I have is made of gold, and how valuable my little pig is. Even when I have desperately needed money, I have never thought of selling my little gold pig. He urges me to find other ways to get money. That’s progress.


CABIN FEVER DINING: What I made today post-Sandy

POST #848
With no public transportation on the day after Sandy, this week is definitely a stay-cation.  Worse, everything within walking distance is closed.  Cabin fever city!  Back to the kitchen!

This morning I got up and made some kale/cashew cheeze in my much beloved Cuisinart food processor (it has already outlasted each of the two economy food processors I had before) to go with the sunflower seed crackers I meant to eat later.

Later, I made a “surf and turf salad.”
I had some leftover torn-up kale from huge bunch I’d bought on Sunday, so I chopped it up a little more, added some soaked wakame seaweed, also chopped up, about 1/4 C chopped red bell pepper, 1/2  jalapeno, chopped, some freshly-ground black pepper, 1/2 galangal (don’t ask why, I have no idea), 2 chopped garlic cloves, about 1/2 C lentil sprouts, and about 1/4 C sunflower seed sprouts, then some apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  It didn’t seem like enough, so I took a heaping soup spoon of the kale/cashew cheeze and mixed it with water to make a creamy dressing which I poured over the top.  Yumm!

10/18/12 CSA SHARE: What they said and what we got and what I’m going to do with it

POST #842
Share pick up day.  Unfortunately, I missed ordering the 5lbs of cranberries because today was the cut-off day,and I only just realized yesterday that I had no more checks, and they won’t take cash.  Oh well.

Here is what they said we would get and what we actually did get, and what I took away.

Butternut Squash – 1 pc
Green Kale – 1 bun…………dinosaur kale
Escarole – 1 hd……………………………traded for kale
Radicchio – 1 hd
Broccoli – 2 pcs…………..Chinese broccoli
Fennel – 2-3 pcs…………..3 pcs
Dill OR Cilantro – 1 bun……cilantro
Spinach -.75lb bag

I also got two broken heads of garlic (about 4 cloves altogether)

I am traveling by train down to Virginia Beach tonight (train leaves at 2am in the morning). I doubt that all of these leaves would survive a week and a half in the fridge, so I’m taking them with me, hoping that they will survive the train trip — my mom is very good at making a salad, and, although she has never worked with radicchio, I’m sure that, together, we can make something happen. I’m not sure if she is familiar with fennel, but I am going to take the fennel, too. (I am going to double bag the kale and hope that it will wait for me to come back)

GRAND RE-OPENING! I learn longer can be better

POST #840
I put up some kohlrabi/garlic/dill/jalapeno pickles on October 5.  4 days later, I opened the smallest jar, but left the other two jars to ferment a bit longer.

To tell the truth, I didn’t much care for the 4-day pickles. They were not very spicy at all.  I am very very glad that I left the other 2 jars for a while longer.  

Last night, I opened one of the jars and tasted the pickles. … and tasted some more…. and some more… dang! Those things were super ultra really very wonderfully gooooood!  I put some in a baggy to take to take to a woman at work who has been bringing me herbs from her garden.  She tracked me down later to rave about the pickles.  It turned out that she had shared her pickles with someone else (a person I don’t know) who also tracked me down and raved about them.   Okay. I get it. Some things are better if you wait longer.  

I’m taking the remaining jar on vacation with me to see how my Mom likes them (I think my Dad will like them, unless he has mysteriously gone off spicy)  I’m also going to pack up a bunch of these pickles for snacks on my train trip Down South (only problem is that they are “very aromatic” — well, that might not be a problem… people might smell them and not want to sit next to me on the train.)

I still do like 3-day sauerkraut, though, so I’ll open the sauerkraut I put up on Sunday night tomorrow, and pack it with me, too.

ANOTHER GRAND OPENING – the Fermented Carrots & Kohlrabi

POST #835
I’ve opened the jar of cultured dill/garlic/jalapeno/ginger carrots and one of the jars of dill/garlic/jalapeno kohlrabi.  Both unexpected tastes, but both good.  I took them both back to work with me this evening and shared them around – got good reviews on both of them!  Yea!

I’m leaving the other two jars of kohlrabi for a little longer to see what will happen.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working my way through these delicious cultured vegetables for a few days. Yumm!

10/4/2012 CSA SHARE: The reality

POST #830
Escarole…… ………………………traded for kohlrabi
Mesclun Lettuce Mix……………traded for bok choi
Baby Bok Choi
Japanese Salad Turnips
Green Boston Lettuce…………..traded for kohlrabi
Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes…….traded for bok choi
Toscano Kale

There is some interesting dynamic going on. When I really want to get to the CSA distribution first, I get work that prevents that happening.  Work is good. I need the money.

So, today, I was second. The guy, bless his soul, who always gets there first and grabs everything in the share box, in a 3 for 1 deal, where he puts in one thing and takes three, got there first. Apparently he does not like lettuce.  The share box was filled with lettuce and nothing else…. ah, but I dug dug dug down to the bottom of the lettuce and found 2 kohlrabi bulbs. Ha! (apparently he likes kohlrabi, because he was hanging over my shoulder and, seeing me find the kohlrabi, tried to get it from me. Not a chance, big boy!)  I wanted to trade all of the lettuce and the potatoes, so I had to patiently wait for people to come and not want stuff.  Finally, someone didn’t want bok choy– MINE! Finally someone didn’t want kohlrabi– MINE!

Yea! I’ve got enough kohlrabi to make  a quart of pickles.

OPENINGS: the carrots! the salsa! the re-opening of the green beans

POST #863
I finally opened the carrots, two days after I could have.  They were good, but I thought I would like to have them more dill-flavored, so I added about a tablespoon more dill seed, and sealed them back up, shook them up well, and set them back to wait some more (I don’t know if you can do that successfully or not, but I’ll find out in about 3 days).

I opened the tomato salsa – yumm!  It wasn’t as spicy as I had expected, but it was still good, so I used it as a salad dressing.  I also added it to some of my cashew cheddar cheeze.  Yumm!

Tonight, I ate most of the rest of the first quart jar of green beans (the one I opened the other day).  They were more dilly than they had been on the first day.  Yumm!  I still haven’t opened the second jar (I will, after I empty the first jar).

Meanwhile, I believe that my jars have arrived at the Ace Hardware store. That’s good, because tomorrow I want to ferment some of the vegetables that are coming in the CSA share.  I just have to find a way to print my receipt to carry with me to the store.