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9/11/08 CSA SHARE – What they say we will get

This is what they say we will get

RED TOMATOES…………6 pieces
SCALLIONS………………1 bunch
LONG RED PEPPER……..1 piece
BROCCOLI………………2-3 pieces
GREEN BEANS………….1/2 lb.
EGGPLANT……………..1 piece


I’m excited again!!! Vegetables coming!!!! Just seeing how excited the other people looked when they opened their boxes last week brought me back to wonder of the CSA distribution.  Yippee!!!! Yes, I remember how I struggled to make the payments earlier in the year, but… now it is like free food, all of  it good, some of it mysterious….

Here is what they promise this week:

TOSCANO KALE………………..1 bunch
BROCCOLI……………………….1 piece
STRAWBERRIES…………………1 pint
RHUBARB.……………………….1 bunch

I’m very excited about the rhubarb – I still need to figure out some raw recipes, but last year, I made a very nice citrus-y drink with some of it.  The strawberries are a plus!!!! How nice of them to include some strawberries in the regular distribution (for those of us who did not order the “fruit extension”) I will be getting the regular fruit share when that starts, but this is a nice nice plus.

I love kale – I make a nice raw marinated/massaged kale dish — I will post a new variation shortly.

I am not your biggest fan of lettuce, so I will probably trot off to get some apples and bananas to make smoothies with the lettuce.

This is my first experience with chard. It looks like lettuce. I will have to play with it.  Maybe it is marinatable.

Broccoli is broccoli. Maybe I can come up with something new to do with it this time.

I went to a raw food fair this past weekend and stood by the Vitamix lady (she was a new one, and very cute – I mean, she had the patter, but she added something to it… it almost seemed like she was talking to a pal in her kitchen, rather than just repeating the same spiel over and over again.) I watched her make about 4 things, so I got some new ideas.

I’M BACK – the CSA is starting up again

Yes, I know… I have been lazy. Without deliveries of unexpected vegetables (okay, I did learn, over the winter, to expect carrots, parsnips, and potatoes!), I did not feel like coming here.

Now, HALLELUIA!!!! I have finished paying off the $722 for my summer share with fruit and 2 tomato shares. I am doing this all by myself this year, because, last year, sharing, I always had to go to the market anyway. This year, I will only have to go to the market for sprouting things and nuts and flax seeds.

I am looking forward to this year, and REALLY REALLY hoping that the farmers are not so lettuce-focused!!! I learned a lot about lettuce last year, but I still don’t really like it (probably because I do not like salads.

The season starts up in the beginning of June, as I understand it. Then I will have my own private competition to use everything in the box.

Be here!!!!

DEAF DISAPPOINTMENT: Please provide easily available transcripts for videos

The Internet has given us a broad “voice” across the oceans, but, with the advancements in technology, some of us are leaving behind some of the others of us.. It has opened possibilities of communication for untold communities.

Recently, many people are providing videos, which, although they may be entertaining and/or informative, are virtually inaccessible to those who cannot hear them. I’d like to ask that people who post important raw food videos (I’m saying “important” because I imagine that the posters do consider them so) also make transcripts of the videos available.

Recently, I went to a famous equipment vendor’s site to look for information. There I found an informational video which was virtually inaccessible to any newbie… since I am familiar with the type of equipment, I could imagine/figure out what was being said, but I am sure that I missed a lot of information.

Tonight, an email referred me to a David Wolfe interview, but when I clicked, I found only a video. I might find the man attractive enough to look at for a few minutes, but I would much rather know what he was saying.

My computer is deaf , i.e., my computer and I do not hear any sounds. While this is my own choice, there are many other people who are *not* deaf by choice, who are newly being shut out from information because of the new ways we have found to deliver information .

The Internet was, until recently, a wonderfully world-wide available information source, however, with recent technological advancements, a number of us have been left out. While Deaf can avail themselves of “printed” information on the Internet, the proliferation of informational videos on the Internet is shutting out people who do not have speakers connected to their computers.

Unfortunately, the Internet, which, originally looked like a very open informational source, is becoming exclusionist. People who do not hear are once again being shut out. This is, I am sure, an oversight by the hearing, but it is a mean and unfair one, which leaves out many people who might benefit from the information in the videos posted.

Of course, it is easy for the Hearing to forget that there are people who do not hear, and, until the advent of the Intenet, Hearing and Deaf were pretty well separated culture-wise. Now, with the Internet, Deaf have a new way to interact with the world at large, and become members of the world community in a way never before available. (Although I am able to operate well in the hearing community, I do hope that the Internet has provided a happy opening into the world at large for all Deaf) Unfortunately, the recent developments which allow videos bring exclusion once again to people who do not hear.

I would like to ask here that people who post informational videos provide easily accessible transcripts, in order to make the information in the videos available to everyone.

I’d like to suggest that people who post instruction or informational videos simultaneously make available transcripts of those videos so that those of us who do not hear sounds from our computers may also avail ourselves of the information made available in the videos. Failing to do so amounts to discrimination against people who cannot hear the soundtracks of videos.