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I wrote to ask Golden Earthworm Farm about the green peppers, because everyone is always saying that they are not ripe.  Yup! That’s right!

Here is what Farmer Matt told me (the italics are mine)

“Green peppers are yellow, red, or orange peppers that have not turned color yet.  They will not change color much( if at all) after they have been picked.  We pick some of our peppers green and let other parts of the field turn colored.  Depending on the weather, many peppers will rot in their transition from green to colored so we lose a lot. It also takes up to a month for them to change color. So, some are picked green. A large percentage of commercial field grown colored peppers are sprayed regularly with fungicide so they do not decay. “

Thanks to Farmer Matt for being straight-forward with me, and also explaining the reasoning.


8/05/10 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

Here is what they say we will get:

Zucchini – 1 pc
Baby Red Watermelon – 1 pc
Long Peppers – 2 pcs
Green Bell Peppers – 4 pcs
Purple potatoes – 1 qt
Garlic – 2 hds
Cherry Tomatoes or Red Tomato – 1 pt or 1 pc
Yellow onions – 2 pcs.

I have heard that green peppers are unripe, so I have written to the farm to find out what their green peppers are.  I will let you know what I learn.