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Tonight, I finally decided to make the tomato sherbet I’ve been thinking about for ages.  Now I know why there are not a lot of recipes around.

If you want to make a “tomato-sweet” tomato sherbet from frozen tomatoes, you are going to have to add a large amount of sweetener.  The frozen tomatoes just do not want to taste sweet.. my experience is that they want to taste like the base of a good tomato sauce.

I insisted on having that sherbet, but I only had about 1/2 t agave nectar.  That did little to sweeten the 2  C of frozen tomatoes.  I cadged some  honey from my room-mate’s stash (about 1 T), but that still just left me with tomato sauce flavored sherbet (I was not willing to sweeten any further)

I still have about 2 C more of the frozen tomatoes… I will use them in smoothies.. that savory flavor will work well in my smoothies.