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FREE RAW: ebooks etc.

POST #710
As I’ve been visiting different websites, I have run into sites which offer free e-books.  Now I have had this amazing revelation that I could post these things here and you could go there and get them, too.

Here are three to start:

FunkyRaw.com will send you a free sample copy of their magazine. There are some interesting recipes in it, as well as other information.

The Renegade Health Show will send you a free copy of Kevin Gianni’s e-book High Raw.

Raw Food Recipes Online will send you a free e-book called 50 Raw Food Recipes


TruthPublishing has quite a number of free health-related e-books available for the downloading!  (Isn’t that nice?)

I picked up on this opportunity from a posting on Facebook  (you’re on Facebook, right? – I mean, you just never know who is going to post what – it’s a heck of a lot easier than googling all day and all night to find out who is doing what).  Lots of my favorite websites and blogs are connecting to Facebook, so I can easily see what they are doing on  a regular basis.  (No, Facebook is not paying me to tell you this – I am just sharing some information I have found useful)


Choose the ones that say “free e-book” and download to your heart’s content.